Update and Clarify Your Life and Work Priorities in 5 Days

Discover the life changes you want, then plan for a better future

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How to  Prioritise What Matters in 5 Days

Seize the opportunity to:

  • Clarify exactly where things stand today across key life areas
  • Consider what a better future looks like
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Take immediate and focused action where you can
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Probably what was most beneficial, or different for me, was the opportunity to listen to others and read the comments on the exercises. Some really inspirational steps shared.

- Louise Donnelly

Enhanced clarity...the power of small steps to get change going...despite using some of these techniques to great effect in the past I have shied away from reevaluating. This week has started that process.

- Brian McDonald

Feel in Control, Start Fresh

Will things that feel so important today remain important in 6, 12 or 18 months time? This course will help you zoom out and take stock of where you are today and the key areas of your life that matter most.

  • Clarity

    Clarify what matters most in life

  • Quick wins

    Identify quick wins to gain momentum

  • Goals

    Set long-term, meaningful goals

  • Commit

    Commit to embedding effective habits

I’ve been coaching successful people through tricky transitions in pursuit of greater performance, meaning and fulfilment in life since 2013.

It all began when my first child Edie was born. Until then, I had a thriving career leading teams in financial and professional services roles. 

I now own and run a successful coaching business. My clients include leading-edge companies who invest in their key people and individuals like you who want to invest in themselves by doing a course like this. 

There is nothing more powerful than being part of a like-minded group who are seeking the same clarity for their future. It drives you forward with conviction and accelerates success in every area of your life.

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  • Price: 117,37 €
  • Jasper Walshe & Associates will only use your details in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Does this resonate with you?

Priority TRIPS™ is a 5-Day course for hard-working, growth-minded, client-facing professionals who want more clarity and control over future plans. If you’re in need of structure to get things started, then this course is for you.

  • Be part of a like-minded group seeking the same clarity and conviction in their approach.
  • Tap into the collective energy and accountability and use it to accelerate success.

It's helped me put things into perspective...I don't need to have all the answers, I need to maintain the right mindset to push forward.

- Steve Beckett

Hugely helpful to focus the mind on one or two things, great group of people.

- Rob Magee

The Course

So, here’s what’s involved with the course.

CLARITY - there’s a simple task to complete each day which takes about 15 minutes. The tasks create momentum. Each day builds on the last, helping members clarify:

  • What’s right about life today
  • What’s not
  • Which areas of life require immediate focus
  • How changes in one area can impact the next

WAYS FORWARD - the tools and strategies shared in the tasks and on the LIVE coaching calls help to shift perspective. We see our situation objectively, creating new choices about potential solutions.

SUPPORT - it’s a Group course for a reason. The group will be filled with like-minded people. What’s good about that?

  • Others will share the same challenges
  • We’ll tap into each other’s ideas
  • We’ll benefit from additional accountability
  • We’ll enjoy a sense of belonging
  • It’s more fun and effective than doing it alone