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This is a simple, cohesive and flexible framework that will strengthen your clarity and confidence in your career strategy. One that is customised to leverage your personality, potential and present circumstances.

You have unique qualities, characteristics and circumstances that need to be identified, monitored and leveraged in order to achieve balance and sustainable success in your career.

You’re about to find out why and how.

Six Steps to your Career Success

This FREE 6 part video series and Guide to Personalise your Strategy (GPS) will bring you to a point of clarity, where you have a firm understanding of the following:

  • What you really want to achieve in your career and work – and why
  • What you’re really good at – your core skills
  • What you’re really energised by in work – your key strengths
  • What is non-negotiable for you in life and work – your primary values
  • Where work fits in with the rest of your life – balance and perspective

What Exactly Is Involved?

  • Opt-in to gain access to 6 Steps to your Career Success on this page
  • You’ll receive and email with a link that gives you immediate access to the 6 part video series so you can start right away
  • On the video webpage, you’ll be able to download the GPS, a personalised guide to bring the learning from the videos to life in your world
  • Videos are short, between 4 and 8 minutes long. There’s an accompanying Step in the GPS to each video.
  • In Step 6, You’ll bring all of your findings together in one simple ‘Dashboard’
  • You’ll also have a ‘Personal Effectiveness Plan’, highlighting what you need to have in place to accelerate your career success
  • When you finish, you’ll have a customised, future-focused strategy for your career, taking into account all that makes you unique
  • You’ll continue to receive top tips and leading edge strategies to further stretch your performance beyond 6 Steps to your Career Success

FREE Coaching Video

Subscribe below to receive your free coaching video with follow email support and regular thought provoking emails:

Tell Me More…

You can gain comfort from the fact that I’ve been in your shoes myself. I understand your working world first hand. I worked in demanding, client-facing roles in traditional city-based firms, trying to juggle everything whilst at the same time connecting the real me to the work that I did. A few years ago I wish I could have had access to a resource like this. So I’ve dedicated my time since to make this a possibility for you and others like you.

The clients I served then as an advisor and now as an executive coach are just like you, ambitious and driven. Sometimes you might feel that you don’t yet have that truly coherent personal strategy to maximise your career performance. If you feel that you’ve more to give, but don’t have the time to analyse what it is or how to best deliver it, then the following framework is ideal for you.

You can now access all of this material on a complimentary basis. It’s worth about £1,000 in coaching hours, but I would rather you had access to it up front, for free. Because in today’s world, it’s important to add value up front. Simple. I haven’t seen anyone else in the market doing this for professional executives like you. It’s unique.

In Summary…

  1. In order to get from A to B, you have to know where A is first. This framework allows you bring all of those elements, unique to you, together in one place. That alone is a useful exercise, to get that sense of self so clear in your mind and also documented on to paper in front of you.
  2. In addition to giving you that clarity and resolute confidence, this framework also gives you a future-focused strategy around what to do next.
  3. Understanding what you want isn’t enough. You need to take smart and deliberate action, embed effective and productive habits to achieve the success you’re going to design. You’ll gain greater awareness and control over the behaviours guiding your results.

You won’t achieve success, as you envision it, hoping it will happen. You have to take ownership and control of your career and stretch yourself – you’ll be happier and more successful as a result.

If you would like to access these proven tools and strategies then simply follow the instructions on this page. Again, it’s all free so you really don’t have anything to lose whatsoever.

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Subscribe below to receive your free coaching video with follow email support and regular thought provoking emails:

Jasper has been my coach through an eventful 10 month period. Initially by raising my awareness around my values and longer term vision I successfully changed career. Through the transition, a well-structured framework helped me adapt and perform in a board level position, maintaining balance elsewhere. He has exceptional ability. Having recently been appointed as head of the UK, I'm keen to get Jasper working with my senior management team.

Brian Board Executive Pan-European Corporate

Jasper is on our panel of executive coaches. His experience in advising HNW’s on their wealth matters was an important factor. Our directors expect gravitas, relevant experience, sector knowledge and an understanding of the leadership environment. Jasper has that. His tailored coaching programmes suit each individual’s needs. He has an innate ability to connect with people which has allowed us experience breakthroughs faster.

Jo Director Asset Management