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How to Move Past Your Frustration in 4 Steps

Category: Professional Achievements

What are you stuck at, deliberately neglecting or wilfully ignoring?
Get on with achieving the things you want.

Looking at your work life, what’s frustrating you? If you haven’t yet thought into it, or put your finger on it, it probably falls into one of the following categories;

  • You’re not at the level of seniority you felt you should be by now
  • You’re not as autonomous as you’d like
  • You’re not as effective as you know you can be at for example;
    • Your productivity – staying focused, prioritising, managing time etc
    • Influencing others – bosses, prospects, clients, direct reports, peers, providers

Or maybe work is flying and causing an imbalance elsewhere. Again, possibly falling into the following buckets;

  • You don’t have enough time with your family or friends.
  • You’re neglecting your future success by engaging in some form of escape mechanism.
  • You seek to reduce stress and improve your well-being, whether physical or mental.

You know that by not moving towards the solution, you’re making it worse. Don’t you? And you realise that no one else will fix it for you. It’s all within your control.

By not making a decision, you’re actually making a lazy decision. You’re telling yourself at a subconscious level that you’re not worth the effort.

I’ve been there. And so have hundreds of people I’ve worked with. You’re about to be handed a tool to kick-start a more productive cycle. One that enables you to live life on your own terms.

Most people in your situation just get busy. For some, it’s a form of escaping the challenge. For others, it worked at some stage before so they think it is going to work again. It works when you need to clean the house up. Or tidy the garden. Your head is a little more intricate. But let’s not complicate things either. Simplicity is powerful in this instance.

Here’s a 4 Step process to move beyond your frustration. To bring clarity and order to the area of your life that currently feels cluttered or chaotic.

  1. Clarify where you are today – point A
  2. Frame where you want to move towards – point B
  3. Analyse the nature and size of the gap between A & B
  4. Use your free tool to fill the gap

Answer the following questions now. Answer them honestly and with deep thought. If you feel you’re scratching the surface, that’s okay. Just be playful and curious with a further line of questioning, not harsh or self-critical. Ask yourself – what else could be at play?


1. Clarify where you are today – point A

What in life is most important to you?

Who is most important to you?

What are you happiest about achieving last year?

What did you not achieve that you would have liked to?

Rate the stress in your life (1-low & 10-high) and comment on your rating.

Where do you focus most of your energy at the moment?

How would you describe yourself to someone who didn’t know you?


2. Frame where you want to move towards – point B

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Over the next 6 months?
  • Over the next 3 years?

For each, consider the following:

  • Why? What’s important to you about them?
  • What will you feel when you accomplish them?
  • What will you be thinking?
  • Who else will benefit? How?
  • What will these accomplishments allow you aim for beyond these timelines?


3. Analyse the nature and size of the gap between A & B

What obstacles will you overcome to accomplish these outcomes?

How might you sabotage or get in your own way?

What is it about you that will support you to accomplish these intentions?

Who can help you through this process?


4. Use your free tool to fill the gap

If you’ve answered the questions above honestly, then please proceed and access your free tool. If you haven’t yet bothered, please don’t bother. Why? Because you won’t use the tool. So you’ll only be wasting your time.

However, if you’ve just demonstrated to yourself that you’re willing to think into the challenge you face instead of thinking about it, you’re miles down the track already. Well done. You’re now part of your own solution. No one else did that, you did. Build on it.

Click here to access a free tool that allows you build on your momentum. That equips you to move forward today. That enables you to move beyond future challenges, time and time again.

It’s free and it’s yours for keeps – click here for free access to a very valuable tool. I hope you enjoy it.

About The Author

Jasper WalsheJasper and his team specialise in clarifying, simplifying and prioritising the many demands of the multiple roles leaders are expected to fill today. Against a backdrop of constant change leaders and their teams must develop a way of working that fits and works for them. Using a proven and sustainable framework called TRIPSTM, clients who commit to the process are guaranteed to improve performance, vitality, fulfilment and engagement at all levels.

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