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How You Can ‘Smash It’ In 2017

Category: Planning ahead

Did you smash the ball out of the park in 2016? Or did you fall short of your own expectations? Either way, make sure you know what led to those results.

You’re about to get a simple blueprint that will set you up to smash it in 2017. Of course, you have to act into your plan. Sounds obvious to some, I know. But it needs stating. This post is for those of you who hold yourselves accountable for the results you experience. Because if you take responsibility, you’ll do more to optimise your life experience. Straightforward so far.

There’s a simple, cyclical formula in life that works when it comes to improving your own performance. All of my clients use it, and it works for every single one. Act – Review – Plan – Act – Review – Plan – Act etc. etc.

So here’s how you can use it now – go forth and smash it!!

In 2016, you acted and behaved in certain ways that produced the results you experienced.

You’re now going to review those actions and see how effective they were.

If your actions were in alignment with your goals and outcomes that you wanted to achieve, then you should have met some or all of them. If not, you either set the wrong goals or engaged in the wrong activities.

If you didn’t set goals or objectives, then it’s a good idea to start now for next year. Otherwise, you’re going to be rudderless and unaccountable to your own actions.

Once that’s done, you can break them into milestones, so you have short term goals to focus on and create momentum immediately.

Then take action. Simple. The difference between the results you experience and those you expect is what you do. Not what you know and understand. You’re an intelligent person. You get what is required of yourself. But are you doing what needs to be done?

How you act and behave is determined by many things (within your control, but beyond your awareness). This article won’t focus on that because I want to keep this simple and actionable for you. But if you want to understand more, then comment below and I will write more about this in future.

2016 Review

If you’re using Brexit, Trump or perhaps even the untimely deaths of cool, much revered public figures as an excuse for any shortcomings, please stop reading.

You may be forgiven for the odd poor week of performance if you’re a fan of Leicester City FC, Portugal’s national football team, Chicago Cubs, Cronulla Sharks or Danny Willet (to name a few). But that’s it. Time to move on from the Year of The Underdog. Create your own success story. And here is how.

Stage 1: Review what went well for you in 2016

This stage is about de-cluttering your mind of all the competing noises. So begin with those outcomes which you deem to have been a success. Write them all down. Then choose the most meaningful one (you can go back to the others later).

  • What was important to you about this matter?
  • Describe the sequence of events in stages?
  • Who else was involved?
  • Looking back, what are you most proud of in terms of how you ‘showed up’?
  • What, if anything, would you do differently next time?

Stage 2: Review where you fell short in 2016

This isn’t an excuse for giving yourself a really hard time. It’s an opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself. You’ll think yourself into a source of frustration and distraction so that you can rectify it moving forward. This is about progression.

  • What do your existing results tell you about yourself?
  • In what way has your mindset impacted on the areas you’re keen to improve?
  • Where is your professional performance suffering?
  • What is it about your attitude that contributes to this?

Stage 3: Clarify your focus for 2017

Combining the findings of 1 & 2 above, think about what you now want to focus on achieving in 2017. Not so much business objectives. Focus on yourself — in terms of your professional performance and career — what really matters to you?

  • Articulate clearly what you want to achieve before Christmas 2017
    (If you find this challenging, then click here and use the free tool available to help you define the challenge/goal. This tool is designed to help you move beyond frustration, towards clarity and control. It’s free to grab it!)
  • What needs to happen between now and then in order for you to achieve this outcome? Make a list of all everything, including but not limited to….
  • Activities — how do they contribute to the outcome?
  • Support — who exactly?
  • Skills development — are they essential?
  • Resources — where can they be found quickly and easily?

Stage 4: Plan the steps to 2017’s success

If you’re a visual person, map it out. If you’re more interactive, chat with someone about your ideas and these questions. But make sure your conversation has a focus to it, that you’re intent on it delivering value to help you progress the matter. Then you can use the simple model below to bring your focus area into reality.

Timeline your list above. Initially into the four quarters of the year.

  • What has to happen by the end of Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4?
  • Focusing the Q1, timeline the months involved
  • Focusing on January, timeline the weeks
  • What specific action do you need to take between now and then?

Going back to your answers from part 2:

  • How might you get in your own way of success here?
  • What will you do to mitigate that risk?
  • What support do you need and where can you find it?

In Summary……

Now it’s down to you to act on your plan. No one else can do that. So you’re in complete control now. Embrace it.

You’ve already started. That’s how easy it is to get momentum going! Now go forth and Smash It!

Click here now to take your goal setting to another level. This free tool allows you self-coach your way to success in 2017. It gives you a framework to make sure your actions are aligned with goals that are meaningful to you. That’s where your resilience and sustained conviction in their pursuit is sourced. You’d be mad not to take advantage of it.

About The Author

Jasper WalsheJasper and his team specialise in clarifying, simplifying and prioritising the many demands of the multiple roles leaders are expected to fill today. Against a backdrop of constant change leaders and their teams must develop a way of working that fits and works for them. Using a proven and sustainable framework called TRIPSTM, clients who commit to the process are guaranteed to improve performance, vitality, fulfilment and engagement at all levels.

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