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Maximise Your Career Performance
With Your Customised Strategy

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What makes you truly unique? How do you leverage your qualities and strengths to bring the best out of yourself, consistently? How do you make your career as rewarding, both personally and professionally, as possible? You’re about to find out.

This is a simple, cohesive and flexible framework that will strengthen your clarity and confidence in your career strategy. One that is customised to leverage your personality, potential and present circumstances.

Six Steps to your Career Success

This FREE 6 part video series and Guide to Personalise your Strategy (GPS) will bring you to a point of clarity, where you have a firm understanding of the following:

  • What you really want to achieve in your career and work – and why
  • What you’re really good at – your core skills
  • What you’re really energised by in work – your key strengths
  • What is non-negotiable for you in life and work – your primary values
  • Where work fits in with the rest of your life – balance and perspective
  • What plan and resources you need to have in place to accelerate your career success – a customised strategy

Get your Complimentary Career Success Videos

Jasper worked beneath the surface, giving me the awareness and tools to identify how I was sabotaging my own career progression. I had no idea I held certain things to be true, and behaved in a certain way as a result. We worked on ‘trigger points’, how best to guide the pursuant behaviour from a negative one to a productive one. It was challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Simon Head of Office Property Investment and Advisory

Jasper provided exercises that were really helpful in a) creating self-awareness and b) modifying my behaviour to attain specific goals. I liked Jasper’s direct approach very much. I have successfully made a career move, operating more in the field of management consultancy. The elaborate discussions with Jasper about a possible move (and the pros and cons of certain options based on my values and strengths) were invaluable.

Gavin Director Boutique Management Consultancy London

Here are some of the businesses whose key talent I have helped develop through coaching

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