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About Jasper

Jasper Walshe

My familiarity with the dynamics and demands of senior corporate positions stems directly from my 15 years’ professional advisory experience in that environment. Furthermore, during that time, I managed and developed relationships with executive leaders and business owners. So I understand your world. This, along with being a relatively young male is an extremely rare combination in this line of work.

After gaining promotion, Jasper helped me identify and plan for both the challenges and the easy-wins. I had a 90 day transition plan incorporating strategies how to best influence key stakeholders, from clients, to bosses to direct reports, engaging my strengths in each activity. It is reassuring to know that my own style is effective at this level.

Helen Director Management Consulting firm

I use this to my advantage bringing a fresh, commercially aware and pragmatic approach to my work. This allows me build rapport quickly with leaders and senior executives like you as well as your teams, thereby fast-tracking short-term wins whilst building a solid foundation for the more important long-term sustainable success.

I enjoy enabling you to quickly and effectively identify and address that which drives the behaviours and subsequent results you experience. You’ll see the cause of the effect. Working to influence results in this way requires your commitment and accountability, thereafter results are easily and speedily evidenced.

This is incredibly rewarding. The long-term benefits become obvious and serve as a great source of motivation moving forward. I particularly enjoy coaching and training the teams and leadership groups in my executive coaching clients’ businesses.

It means I get to be part of a really positive change process, observing it cascade from the top down through the organisation.

I practice what I preach. I invest heavily in my own coaching and development. I study, digest and translate all of my learnings and findings into material relevant to you. I engage and stretch my strengths in my work all of the time. I am constantly aiming to improve as a coach, facilitator, speaker and business owner. I love what I do.

Jasper worked beneath the surface, giving me the awareness and tools to identify how I was sabotaging my own career progression. I had no idea I held certain things to be true, and behaved in a certain way as a result. We worked on ‘trigger points’, how best to guide the pursuant behaviour from a negative one to a productive one. It was challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Simon Head of Office Property Investment and Advisory

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Jasper has been my coach through an eventful 10 month period. Initially by raising my awareness around my values and longer term vision I successfully changed career. Through the transition, a well-structured framework helped me adapt and perform in a board level position, maintaining balance elsewhere. He has exceptional ability. Having recently been appointed as head of the UK, I'm keen to get Jasper working with my senior management team.

Brian Board Executive Pan-European Corporate

I can now clearly identify where my strengths are most useful in the working environment, and when I should volunteer my strengths to assist others. It has also enabled me to have a higher level perspective on how I can manage my work load more efficiently. I now take the time pre assess the best approach to a project or task instead of just diving straight in to be efficient. I will ask the opinions of others with different key strengths as there may be a more suitable approach to take. I have more confidence in my individual decision making.

Skye Senior Consultant Property Advisory