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A strengths based approach creates a positive mindset and makes you more resourceful finding solutions and ways forward. You enjoy more choice and greater control.

1. Cause And Effect
2. What Causes Your Results?
3. Changing The Cause
4. You're In Control
5. Your Evidence
6. Sustainable Success

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I wanted to work with Jasper to clarify my “purpose”. That got sorted out and I’m hungrier than ever for more success now. In addition, my board say I’m more focused and more fun. More please.

Peter Serial Entrepreneur currently Founder/CEO of Tech SME Dublin

Jasper provided a framework that permitted me clarity of my technical and personal strengths. I used all this to understand my situation to the maximum (we mapped this out in a diagram), influence my superiors, colleagues and team positively - so I was in pole position to make my move at the right time. I was calculated, but I was genuine. It worked, I got my promotion during a difficult period in the bank - merci.

Phillipe Director European Investment Bank