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Coaching enables you to find the right answers for your given set of circumstances. You’re the only one who knows what success looks like for you. Coaching provides you with the framework to define and achieve that success.

As your executive career coach I’ll help you bridge the gap between your current and desired results faster than you would alone.

You’ll gain clarity as to why and confidence as to how you’re going to reach a targeted point in your career. You’ll have a programme designed and tailored to your needs to help you achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.

To begin to understand what might work best for you, ask yourself some of the questions underneath the following 3 headings.

  • Are you as effective as you know you are capable of being?
  • Do you avoid asking yourself the challenging questions you know you should be answering?
  • How confident are you of achieving your definition of success with your current approach to work?
  • Do you get in the way of your own success?
  • Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current role?
  • Do you brim with good intentions but falter when it comes to planning and executing them?
  • Would you like to identify, assess and effectively plan for suitable opportunities that play to your strengths?
  • Are you starting in a new role and want to prepare to make a significant impact?
  • Do you focus your energies on your work life to the detriment of others?
  • Do you struggle to maintain balance over longer periods?
  • Do you find your work stressful and overwhelming at times?
  • Do you manage your energy levels to facilitate your best performance?

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Jasper is a very good listener and gave me space to explain myself. He helped me focus on staying positive. With this friendly and empathetic way of communicating with me, I always relaxed. I was able to express my feelings with no shame as I was in a safe place.

Sabine Operational Manager Educational Travel

I wanted to work with Jasper to clarify my “purpose”. That got sorted out and I’m hungrier than ever for more success now. In addition, my board say I’m more focused and more fun. More please.

Peter Serial Entrepreneur currently Founder/CEO of Tech SME Dublin