Leveraging Your Strengths

Hello again,
Welcome to “Leveraging your Strengths” – a smart, effective and proven way to unlock and exploit your latent potential.

Your strengths are:

  • core qualities or characteristics which energise you,
  • enable you to do your best at work and
  • help you feel more confident in the face of challenges or pressure.”

That’s as defined by James Brook and Paul Brewerton, the founders of the Strengths Partnership – who developed Strengthscope. I have the pleasure of working with Paul and James on certain projects, they’re world leaders in their field.

Strengthscope is a revolutionary assessment tool that provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s strengths and the extent to which these are productively applied at work.

Leveraging your Strengths

This ‘Leveraging your Strengths’ package consists of the 3 following parts:

Part 1:

  • Taking an online Strengthscope Assessment, which results in….
  • The production of your unique Strengthscope Feedback Report which includes:
    • Your Strengths Profile, illustrating your relative scores across 24 strengths, grouped into 4 clusters – Relational, Emotional, Thinking and Execution Strengths.
    • Your 7 Significant Strengths described in extra detail, including a key note on how to recognise these strengths going into Overdrive – the most common de-railer of otherwise successful leaders.
    • The Visibility of your Strengths – the extent to which you believe your strengths are visible in the way you behave and perform at work. And also the frequency with which you believe you should make this strength visible in order to optimise your contribution and impact.
    • A section that questions how you can get the most from each of your 7 Significant strengths – considering how you can apply them more productively.
    • Finally, for your reference, all 24 strengths are defined, to avoid confusion.

Part 2:

  • A debrief call, where I will guide you on how to interpret your profile.
  • I’ll walk you through, step by step, making sure that each section is clearly understood.
  • We’ll explore how you can engage your strengths more in the workplace, so that you’re more productive, effective, collaborative and innovative.
  • We’ll discuss your areas of focus for greater onward development and how to remain engaged and resilient in the face of challenges.
  • We’ll address any potential risks to performance resulting from either low scores or your strength going into overdrive.
  • You’ll learn how to mitigate the risk associated with any weakness, by addressing it from a position of strength, immediately bringing life and context to the tool.
  • You’ll have a plan of action to leverage your strengths moving forward in a way that contributed towards you achieving a meaningful goal in your professional life.

Part 3:

  • Finally, the 3rd part of the package is an invaluable series of exercises to help you bring your profile to life even more emphatically in the context of your current or future roles.
  • The exercises aim to continually stretch your strengths in practical and pragmatic ways, helping you embed the productive habits of the strengths approach in your work and realising all the benefits that has to bring.

So let’s look at these benefits……

You cannot improve something that you’re not aware of – yet we know, inside of us all, there’s always room for improvement. The profile provides you with the awareness of your areas of strength, and of course potential limiting weaknesses.

Once you’ve identified your strengths, then you can leverage them.

  • Strengths provide resilience and perseverance when times are tough.
  • They allow you excel becoming more agile and innovative in finding new solutions and ways forward
  • Strengths make you unique so they help you behave and communicate authentically
  • Get clarity around you Leadership style or Brand
  • Leveraging your strengths is how you express your potential. You’re seeking to express your talents more frequently and more emphatically.
  • Your appetite for success quite simply soars. So it’s easy to feed.


  • You’ll be more engaged in your work when you find it energising, resulting in you being more productive.
  • Your clients and peers will look forward to dealing with you, making you more influential
  • How can you not deliver more sustainable and improved results over the long-term when you’re more productive and influential? Simple concept – yet alien to so many.

Peak Performance

I’m not a dreamer, in both practical and theoretical terms, to perform at or near your peak, more is required than simply being energised.

You need to strive to align your strengths with your learned skills and your objectives, then you have the opportunity to really perform at a much higher level than before. So that marriage of energy and motivation to technical expertise and skill in pursuit of a purposeful goal is what we should all be aiming for in our work.

The exercises in the workbook help turn this all in to a reality. Of course, as with everything, you hold the key to making this work or not. But you have all the tools to manage the process of improving your results effectively and easily by identifying and leveraging your strengths.


This is not for you if you just want to take a test and stick a report in your drawer. What you do with this is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, you’re in control of your future… so only you can decide what’s going to happen.

This is for you if:

  • You want to enjoy and improve your results in work in one breath
  • You are serious about stretching your strengths and challenging yourself
  • You are serious about optimising a career that leverages your natural talent and potential

You’re Protected By My Money-Back Guarantee
So There’s No Way You Can Make A Mistake

Take the entire package – complete the assessment, receive the profile, have the debrief, receive the workbook and complete the exercises.

And then, after all that, if you’re not absolutely convinced you got value from your investment, let me know and I’ll give you an immediate and cheerful refund.

How is it possible for no value to have been added? It’s impossible not to get a return on your investment – think how easily you could spend this money on a night out instead – it’s laughable!

You won’t even have to send anything back. I’m that confident.

So basically, you either find it extremely valuable or you can just keep everything free.

All the risk is entirely on me because if you’re not thrilled, I give you it all for free.

So a quick recap – what’s involved?

  1. An online assessment, feedback report and strengths profile
  2. A debrief call to accurately interpret your profile
  3. An invaluable series of exercises to continually stretch your strengths and performance

Embrace your unique strengths and focus on developing your potential in a way that is best suited to you.

Being aware of your strengths is the first step. This Strengths package will provide you with the following:

The usual price is £250, but I’m making it available to you for £150 as you have come through my 6 Steps to Career Success and you’re clearly interested in developing yourself and your performance. That makes you the kind of profile client I want to build a relationship with over time.

£150 is enormous value for something that can change your approach to work, improve your mood, attitude, relationships, influence, engagement, productivity and results.

If you don’t agree, just don’t apply. If you do – go ahead. Don’t just take my word – see what others have said below.

Jasper is very outcome focused and designed a strengths-based programme that was engaging, energising and full of practical ideas that I and my team could take away and start beginning to apply immediately. We have transformed our awareness and energy about who can contribute what and who to go to for certain things. It has unleashed a positive buzz and energy and transformed team behaviours. We have gone from siloed working to working on cross-functional project teams.

Pippa (former) HR Director BNPP Real Estate

I have learned to focus on what I what I want out of my career and how to go about getting it. I have also realised how I can hold myself back by choosing the path of limitation when faced with challenges. By understanding my strengths, I was able to demonstrate objectivity when I was interviewing and able to show conviction when describing why I was right for the job. I have been successful in my recent job application including interview.

Ronny Management Consultant Big 4

I can now clearly identify where my strengths are most useful in the working environment, and when I should volunteer my strengths to assist others. It has also enabled me to have a higher level perspective on how I can manage my work load more efficiently. I now take the time pre assess the best approach to a project or task instead of just diving straight in to be efficient. I will ask the opinions of others with different key strengths as there may be a more suitable approach to take. I have more confidence in my individual decision making.

Skye Senior Consultant Property Advisory

I’ll now look differently at my team members’and their strengths when setting up project groups. Try and be more proactive rather than reactive and improve my information sharing within the wider team. I’ll be mindful of what motivates people and how strengths go into overdrive. I’ll look for opportunities to develop and utilise other members […]

Kim Associate Director Recruitment & Resourcing