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Team Coaching

Team coaching enables your team to improve its own performance by shifting the individual and collective perspective to engage more in a collaborative mindset.

Most teams are largely untapped, sustainable sources of competitive advantage that are rarely pursued. Our approach elicits a fresh way of thinking about the team’s work. To do this we must first:

  • Build trust and respect internally
  • Have a shared purpose and unifying goal
  • Establish rules of engagement – acceptable communication and behaviour

Thereafter we provide a framework that enables the team to improve its own performance. As with 1:1 coaching it is best achieved by influencing the cause of the performance.This becomes possible through reflection, dialogue and increased awareness. We facilitate this in a positive, highly energetic and interactive way.

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Team performance improvement is a consequence of better trust, collaboration, engagement and resilience. Whilst every solution is different and tailored to the team’s needs, we will engage in some or all of the following:

  • Encourage individuals to understand their personal motivation within the team context
  • Profile both individual and collective strengths, those sources of energy and excellence
  • Develop deep understanding of each other’s strengths and establish culture of social support
  • Understanding performance risks for the team, providing solutions from within the team
  • Establish and reinforce the productive team habits
  • Map out key stakeholders with a plan that improves relationships and results
  • Reflect and encourage individuality in ways that serve the collective agenda

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