The Psychology of Your Success
pin Blackfriars October 2016

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This is a simple, proven formula that will strengthen your clarity and confidence in your property business strategy. One that will leave you more confident and in control.

What worries you about how your property business is progressing? How long have these worries been eating away at you?

If you know you’re capable of more, what’s holding you back?

Without taking any action, you stagnate.

There’s a world of difference between knowing that you want to change something and actually doing something about it. The longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

So why let your sense of frustration amplify? Further procrastination will erode your confidence. How’s that going to impact you and those closest to you?

We tend to over-complicate key career decisions. A few years ago I has lots of excuses;

  • I didn’t know where to start
  • I’d give it more time and I’d figure it out
  • I’d wait for markets to settle before making any big decisions

And underneath all of these excuses lay a fear of failure. It’s hard for me to admit, but it’s true.

The result? I remained stuck. And everyone and everything else moved forward.

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You’ll move beyond your frustration. The key to this is getting the balance right between thinking clearly and taking focused action. Using a proven coaching model, I’ll help you:

  • Define the challenge you face
  • Simplify the decisions you need to make
  • Clarify the actions you need to take

You’ll have momentum. You’ll take the first step towards progressing the best property career strategy for you.

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It couldn’t be easier.

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Tell Me More…

You can gain comfort from the fact that I’ve been in your shoes myself. I understand your working world first hand. I have worked across all areas of the property business. Only in the last few years have I found the right way for me to deliver true value for me and my clients. In an authentic and meaningful way that energises and engages me. A few years ago I wish I could have had access to a resource like this. So I’ve dedicated my time since to make this a possibility for you and others like you.

The clients I served then as an advisor and now as an executive coach are just like you, ambitious and driven. Sometimes you might feel that you don’t yet have that truly coherent personal strategy to maximise your career performance. If you feel that you’ve more to give, but don’t have the time to analyse what it is or how to best deliver it, then this free coaching video is ideal for you.

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Subscribe below to receive your free coaching video with follow email support and regular thought provoking emails:

Jasper worked beneath the surface, giving me the awareness and tools to identify how I was sabotaging my own career progression. I had no idea I held certain things to be true, and behaved in a certain way as a result. We worked on ‘trigger points’, how best to guide the pursuant behaviour from a negative one to a productive one. It was challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Simon Head of Office Property Investment and Advisory

Jasper is very outcome focused and designed a strengths-based programme that was engaging, energising and full of practical ideas that I and my team could take away and start beginning to apply immediately. We have transformed our awareness and energy about who can contribute what and who to go to for certain things. It has unleashed a positive buzz and energy and transformed team behaviours. We have gone from siloed working to working on cross-functional project teams.

Pippa (former) HR Director BNPP Real Estate

Here are some of the businesses whose key talent I have helped develop through coaching

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