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Using Brexit to Progress Your Career (2 of 2)

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3 key learning points from Brexit to help you take back control personally and professionally

Part 2 of 2

(This is the second part of this post. In case you missed the first part, you can see it here.)

To recap…..the first two key learning points shared were;

  1. Limit your exposure to the media
  2. Know your end goal

This post looks at the third key learning point and some concluding thoughts.

3. Decide now – see the opportunities or the threats

Did you get embroiled in the “uncertainty” or did you embrace the opportunity? The opportunities are there, aren’t they? You just need the awareness to see them and the courage to pursue them.

Of course, it’s hard to have the awareness to see any if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. But assuming you do, consider the following and make some notes on your thoughts.

  • How can you align your actions towards your goals over the coming weeks?
  • Imagine yourself 12 months from now having achieved your goals. What would the You then say to the You now is the most important thing to concentrate on?
  • What other opportunities exist to propel your career forward in the right direction?

I can guarantee you, if you take a positive and resourceful mindset to the situation, instead of the crippled one I succumbed to in 2008, you will stand out from the masses and achieve far greater results.

Did you have plans to Move Up or Move Out of your current role before Brexit? If you’re reconsidering, ask yourself why.

This is likely to be your hard-wired subconscious mind protecting the status quo. It chooses the path of least resistance, whatever it is familiar with. To overwrite it, you need to be very intentional about it.

I convinced myself I was “riding out the storm” in 2008. Bollocks – I was bricking it, and I had no idea what I could do apart from hope for the best. Life was good outside of work, so I was afraid to change anything. And it cost me about 2 years of progress, maybe more.

So let’s speak plainly. Decide now. You can choose to what to do with the uncertainty…..

  1. see the opportunities it creates – and act upon them to progress yourself
  2. see the threats and feed the doubts – remain stuck where you are

It is your choice. Create solutions, not excuses

Some concluding thoughts…..

The debt levels at both consumer and national level across Europe and beyond are not going to disappear. There will be further, greater shocks. Have the awareness to see that. Equip yourself now to deal with it. Develop yourself to be the person who handles it and who takes advantage of it.

I’m not intending to incite fear with that comment. Quite the opposite. I’m challenging you to take greater ownership of your future.  To take the kind of action that will serve you and your family. To strengthen your control.

I am asking you to empower yourself to lead your own career progressively and proactively. Use Brexit as your wake up call.

I withdrew in 2008. This time around I am in a far better place. I’m not boasting, I’m simply letting you know that if I can progress from there to here, then anyone else can. I can now reflect and say that I have ‘strengthened my control’. It feels good to say that. I’m only getting started. I’m confident things will continue to progress for me personally and professionally. Because I prioritise my development. I invest heavily in my own coaching and I get a multiple ROI.

My business cannot outgrow my awareness. Your professional performance cannot improve unless you are aware of what you need to improve. Once aware, you create a plan and then execute it. Once action has been taken, by reviewing it, you grow in your awareness further. It’s a simple cycle of Evaluate – Plan – Act – Review – Evaluate……..go ahead and start today!

I’m re-structuring my online sales and marketing funnel to both take advantage of Brexit and to protect myself against further shocks. I’m going to scale my business in 2 ways, online and face to face.

About The Author

Jasper WalsheI coach leaders, executives, teams and groups of millennials in highly skilled professions to strengthen their leadership skills, engagement and performance. I create bespoke coaching programmes to help busy, fee-earning professionals focus on their best approach to navigating the challenges and opportunities that change brings on a daily basis.
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